About the Author

Andrew Kane is a professional procrastinator and failed student living in Elgin, Moray having moved in 2012 from sunny Glasgow. When not sat on his fat arse browsing Reddit, he aspires to be some form of professional writer (ha!).

Basic Facts

  • He volunteers on Elgin’s own Wave Radio, subjecting the wards of Dr Gray’s and the world at large to his eclectic musical tastes.
  • He adores Celtic FC more than is probably healthy.
  • He also likes the NFL’s New England Patriots, the AFL’s Fremantle Dockers and the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets.
  • He is also a socialist who despises the Conservative Party with a real venomous zest (you have been warned!).
  • He enjoys a drink. Beer or single-malt will do, ta.
  • Did he mention he’s a lazy bastard?

Advanced facts

  • Really? No…

Previous work

  • Do poems written for Dogecoin count?

Upcoming projects

  • ‘The Tokyo Lovers Club’ – espionage thriller/romance, written for Camp NaNoWriMo (April 2o14)
  • ‘Daydream Believer’ – romance/slice of life retrospective
  • Fuck knows what else.